The Company

Our production capacity.
Since 1969.

In recent years, Iberia-Agua, S.L. has been shaped by the demands for the need for pure and ultra pure water in many different processes.

Our services cover a wide range, from Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Nuclear Power Stations, Aquariums (Expo Zaragoza 2008), Car Washes, to private users.

The company was founded with high hopes at the beginning of 1969, made up from an exceptional team of individuals, and today we are head of the field. Our prize is having amongst our clients the top national and multinational companies.

Our company is able to respond to any demand in quality, format and quantity. Through our desire to improve we have achieved the position as leader in the field with the obtention of the certificate ISO 9001 from SGS ICS Ibérica , S.A. , accredited by ENAC, since June 2000, and with this we meet the European Pharmacopoeia Standard.

We treat water to measure according to your needs!

Shipping all over Spain

Shipping for any quality beyond 1.000 liters of bulk water.

Let’s protect the environment

We’re respectful of the planet in manufacturing and distributing our products.

Private use and companies

We treat our water in a personal way, according to our client’s needs.

Different formats

We can manage any demand, no matter the quality, format or quantity.


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