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Water is the most abundant chemical formula found in nature. Two thirds of the world's surface is covered in water. More than 80% of your body is made up of water.

In the hydrological cycle water becomes contaminated. Due to is great capacity to dissolve things, in each stage of its cycle it absorbs contaminants.

This means that it is impossible to find a pure form of the molecule in nature.

Which is where the need to purify water arises.

By purifying we mean whatever method used in order to return the water molecule to its natural state. We purify the water and supply it in the following forms.


Choose the water type

At Iberia-Agua we distribute various kinds of products for home use and companies.


Choose the packaging

At Iberia-Agua we have different kinds of products for distribution to companies and home use.

Different types of container

The bottled distilled water service has improved considerably, due to the manufacture of 1, 2 and 5 litre plastic containers in our own factory giving them an optimum weight and ensuring they get to the final consumer in the best possible condition. All our containers are made using a quality plastic suitable for food packaging.




We have all kinds of industrial vehicles to ship our orders in any capacity.

Every kind of transport to deliver

We have every kind of industrial vehicle at our disposal,all of which incorporate tail lifts, in order to carry out our deliveries in any quantity up to 27,000 litres.

Our fleet consists of lorries with tail lifts to unload large tanks, and vans for the delivery of bottled products. Deliveries of any water quality from 1,000 litres bulk to any part of Spain.

Shipping all over Spain

Shipping for any quality beyond 1.000 liters of bulk water.

Let’s protect the environment

We’re respectful of the planet in manufacturing and distributing our products.

Private use and companies

We treat our water in a personal way, according to our client’s needs.

Different formats

We can manage any demand, no matter the quality, format or quantity.


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