Demineralized water for INDUSTRIES

  • For steam boilers it’s used to avoid scales. Our demineralized water, due to it not containing minerals, doesn’t precipitate and enlarges their lifespan.


  • As an universal solvent for cleaning.


  • For manufacturing paint as a base of itself, or cosmetics.


  • For diluting cutting fluid it’s a mixture of oil with our demineralized water for the correct lubrication of numeric control lathes, milling machines, etc.


  • For solar panel cleaning, there is no lime residue on the panel when using our water.


  • For band sawing machines, water cools the machine and the band and, since it doesn’t contain any minerals, it leaves no scales on the machine.


  • For sawing machines using pressurized water, our demineralized water lubricates itself and cools the maching and, with a mixed demineralized water stream, it’s able to saw metallic or plastic pieces.
  • For cooling of electronic erosion machines.


  • For electrolytic baths as a base, or as a last cleaning bath.


  • Cooling towers for the workplace or to cool a circuit.


  • For photography laboratories.


  • Adblue manufacturing. Adblue is a gas depuration system, a must for the majority of diesel motors that at the same time protects the environment, manufactured from an urea solution.

Other purposes

Shipping all over Spain

Shipping for any quality beyond 1.000 liters of bulk water.

Let’s protect the environment

We’re respectful of the planet in manufacturing and distributing our products.

Private use and companies

We treat our water in a personal way, according to our client’s needs.

Different formats

We can manage any demand, no matter the quality, format or quantity.


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