Fabricación y venta de agua

Nos encargamos de la producción, envasado y distribución de agua en Zaragoza

Manufacturing and water sale

We manage production, bottling and distribution of water in Zaragoza







Who are Iberia-Agua?

We provide since 1969 all kinds of services for private use and professional sectors of all kinds. We were the first company in this field to obtain the ISO 9001 certification through SGS, since 2000.

Iberia-Agua belongs since 2010 to the Spanish Network of the United Nations’ Worldwide Pact and Aragon’s Strategy for Climate Change and Clean Energies.


Shipping all over Spain

Shipping for any quality beyond 1.000 liters of bulk water.

Let’s protect the environment

We’re respectful of the planet in manufacturing and distributing our products.

Private use and companies

We treat our water in a personal way, according to our client’s needs.

Different formats

Tenemos capacidad para cualquier demanda en calidades, formatos y cantidades.


Need more information?

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Horario: Oficinas de 07:00 a 14:00
Recepción y carga de mercancías: 07:00 a 14:00

Polígono Industrial Río Gállego, Calle D nº9 
San Mateo de Gallego 50840 (Zaragoza) 
Coordenadas GPS: 41.813579, -0.773227 

Tlf: 976-690 835
Fax: 976-690 832
Correo: info@iberia-agua.com