Demineralized water for

  • Our demineralized water is used at ironing centers. Since it doesn’t contain impurities nor minerals, it prevents scales on the boilers, and enlarges the center’s lifespan.


  • Glass cleaning. Since it doesn’t contain minerals, a full cleaning can be achieved without lime spots.


  • Laundry services for ironing.


  • Refilling of solar panels’ batteries.


  • Watering plants. Many people use rain water for plants watering and maintenance, demineralized water being a better option due to its low mineralization (distilled).


  • Humidifiers, it prevents scales since it doesn’t contain impurities or minerals.
  • · It’s a perfect water for nebulizers, since it won’t obstruct its pipes.


  • Vaporizators, it doesn’t obstruct the boiler.


  • For aquariums, it’s used to balance the water, so it won’t need the use of additional chemical products for cleaning the water.


  • Glass lamps and glass cleaning in general. Since it doesn’t contain minerals, it won’t leave lime stains after cleaning.


  • Coffee makers cleaning, letting the demineralized water pass through while the boiler is hot, making a few empty servings the system gets cleaned.


  • For solar panels closed-circuit, along with ethylene glycol.

Other purposes

Shipping all over Spain

Shipping for any quality beyond 1.000 liters of bulk water.

Let’s protect the environment

We’re respectful of the planet in manufacturing and distributing our products.

Private use and companies

We treat our water in a personal way, according to our client’s needs.

Different formats

We can manage any demand, no matter the quality, format or quantity.


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